Solar Christmas Lights


Solar Christmas Lights

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Solar Christmas lights are the ideal solution for anyone concerned about the environment – or their wallet. The bright and attractive lights use a combination of a solar cells and super-energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs). They come in a variety of styles – from the traditional solar string lights, to solar rope lights and even solar lanterns.

Solar Christmas lights are safe to be used indoors or out. Just put the small solar panel in a place where it will get sunlight during the day. A built-in sensor ensures that your ultra-bright lights will operate automatically from dusk ‘til dawn without the need to buy – or the hassle of setting – expensive timers.

Solar Christmas lights also eliminate the need for those costly extension cords that can overheat, become a tripping hazard, or trip your breakers when water infiltrates the connection. Don’t rely on an extension cord to power your holiday. This year, start a new holiday tradition: Solar Christmas lights.
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Solar Christmas Lights come in many shapes.: Solar string lights, solar rope lights, outdoor animated Christmas lights, Christmas mini lights, Christmas tree lights, LED Christmas lights, etc. They are designed to decorate your Christmas tree or outdoors and reduce your electricity bill at the same time.
Solar Christmas lights don't need to be connected to a power outlet. Just place the solar panel in a way it can get enough sunlight during the day.
Solar powered Christmas lights have ultra bright LEDs and operate automatically from dusk to dawn thanks to a built-in light sensor.
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Check our selection of Solar String Lights with ultra bright LEDs. Solar Christmas lights and LED solar string lights with 50 LEDS and 102 LEDs.

Solar string lights are a great option for outdoor decorative lighting, whether it is for holiday’s occasions or just to light up your house surroundings for a special event or party.
They are easy and safe to install and you won't have to worry about running power lines from your home. This allows you to put lights in places you never would have been able to before.
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Solar Rope Lights are flexible and come in multiple colors; they can be used to provide general lighting, or decorative lighting.
These solar lights may be wrapped around homes and buildings or to accentuate borders and contours, to display a constant stream of lighting year round.

Solar rope lights can also be wrapped around trees or installed in a room inside the house in order to provide dim and colored lighting; in this case the solar panel would have to be installed outside.

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Solar Lanterns can be a great addition to your Christmas decoration. They are also ideal to add accent to your garden, deck and patio.
Our solar lanterns are equipped with ultra bright LEDs and operate automatically from dusk to dawn.

These beautiful solar lights can be hanged on shepherd hooks or just placed on any flat surface. Most our solar lanterns produce a flickering flame effect.
Enjoy our selection of reliable and decorative solar lanterns.